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Interactive Voice Response Systems

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS has developed its own Interactive Media Response Platform which is a turnkey, comprehensive communications platform that provides telephony, speech, Internet, and mobile messaging services.
Communications interfaces and protocols include analog and digital (ISDN/E1) telephony trunks, VOIP SIP and H.323, SMPP mobile messaging, and other Internet services. Speech features include Arabic and English Text-to-Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition supporting main vendors. 

Among the successful products that we have released are the following:

  • Outbound Dialer: Is an automatic bulk dialer preloaded with leads to deliver a voice or fax message.  Reports can be generated to view the results of the campaign.
  • Fax Sever: Is a total fax solution that receives faxes and forwards them to emails or to a fax machine while keeping an electronic copy on the PC.  Desktop users may send a fax also through any Windows application utilizing the fax print driver.  Interactive enquiry is an add-on that allows callers to pick specific options and key in a fax number, and information will be faxes back to them.
  • Voice Enquiry Services: This is the interactive voice solution that provide caller with different menu options and requests certain information.  A database query fetches the required information which is then played back to the caller.
Unified Messaging and WhatsApp for Business solutions

Switching screens and logging into multiple inboxes is forever history. integrate all your favorite communication channels into one inbox. From email to WhatsApp, from voice to our own live chat solution.

Telephony Systems

IP telephony systems provide innovative, advanced, and tailored solutions for communication purposes.

IP Telephony Solution: Is and affordable and scalable communications solutions for organizations of all sizes. It is an all-in-one solution that is built on the Linux-based Asterisk Communications Platform.

Digital/Hybrid Telephony System: introduced to provide telephone systems at lower cost for the small-to-medium organizations without lowering quality or features.

Call Recording: is an analog, digital, IP, and radio recording system that records, analyzes and evaluates communications. It is a cutting-edge PC based recording solution with an open platform architecture supporting all main PBX vendors.  It is one of the most robust, reliable, scalable, and affordable recording systems in the market that addresses small-scale to large organizations.

Call Accounting and Billing: automatically collects call traffic details of your telephone system and provides a user-friendly interface to report exactly how much time and money is spent on calls.  Our report generator allows you to produce just any statistical or financial report.

Call Center Solution: provides advanced contact center functionality by supporting agent login/logout/break, multiple inbound and outbound prioritized queues, skill-based routing, predictive dialing, IVR, and call recording.  Supervisor advanced features include predefined and custom reporting, barge-in to conversations, coaching, and real-time monitoring.  CRM integration can readily be provided to “pop up” caller’s information on agent’s screen.

Public Address Solutions

Complete solution composing of amplifiers, manual and automatic zone selectors, multiplexers, and various types of ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers, and pole-hanging speaker.  IP and analog types are available depending on customer needs.

Blind & low Vision Technologies

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS dedicated to providing our customers with a first class service of high quality made to measure blinds and low vision people in Kuwait and the Middle East region.
Our extensive product range is designed to suit every budget, with over 20 years combined experience our team of friendly advisors offer free measuring and advice.

Document Management System & Workflow

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS provides a professional document management system and workflow.  The system will enable the organization capturing, indexing, processing, retrieval of document, and forward the documents, through a friendly user interface.