About Us

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS is one of the leading Professional Services firms. We boast the largest and most experienced staff dedicated to Software & Hardware Systems. Our technical resources include system engineers and various Software & Hardware specialists. Since 2007, ADVANCED SOLUTIONS has won a position in the industry based on our expertise and professionalism. We have performed many successful projects and gained the trust of our clients.

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS is dedicated to providing the solution of choice for any Software & Hardware needs of its clients, in whatever form those needs may arise, whether it’s trading applications, managerial applications, Document management, Telephony applications and data services.
Through our unceasing dedication to service and excellence, our vast technical resources and years of experience we believe we offer the most sensible alternative to the hassles, costs and delays of other approaches. By utilizing our services, our clients assure themselves of a headache free, timely and cost effective resolution of a very specialized need.
Our corporate philosophy is simple and can be summed up as follows: offer a superior product that addresses a real need and a superior level of service and the marketplace will recognize this. Your measure of success is that your customers will keep coming back. This is the heart of any successful business proposition.
The cornerstone of the above philosophy is a commitment to professional excellence, responsiveness to customer needs, and a continuing investment in our staff, facilities, and the tools of our trade.
Our competitive distinction is the depth of our capabilities and the dedication to getting the job done right.
The fact that over 50% of our business comes from existing customers indicates just how well we have succeeded in our mission
INNOVATION involves creating new solutions, and more than anything else it is this that drives us ahead as a company. Innovation involves improving business models, work processes and customer experiences. Innovation governs the development of our products and solutions, and how we work with our customers and with each other. 
NEARNESS is important to us, because all effective communication is based on being close to each other, physically or mentally. In both senses, we must be close to each other and close to our customers. We are convinced that it is at the intersection between innovation and nearness to the customer that we gain new knowledge and create a competitive edge for ourselves and for our customers.
These are the things you should consider in evaluating a Software & Hardware business vendor:
• Depth of experience and expertise
• Resources available including tools (equipment & software) and staff
• Customer service and responsiveness
• Turnaround
• Price
By meeting the highest standards of performance in all the above categories Advanced Solutions Co. assures you of:
• Accurate
• Reliable
• Timely
• Cost effective solutions to your Business needs
ADVANCED SOLUTIONS has addressed our customers’ most complex and demanding Business application scenarios. Whether it’s the complexity of the functionality, unusual requirements or simply a balance-sheet, deadline, Professional services has been able to rescue many a project from the brink of disaster. 
Over the years, we have made enormous investments in various application tools, software and equipment, always keeping ahead of the onrush of new technologies (the, so called, technology wave that sweeps away the less prepared).
Most of all, we have a staff committed to the utmost professional standards. Our accumulated experience in the Database application field represents well years of experience. You can put this resource to work for you by simply contacting us to discuss you needs!